Contract Management

Safe-Contracts offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure efficient and effective contract administration and resolution of contractual matters. Some key services include:

  • Pre-Contract Planning and Analysis
  • Contract Development
  • Negotiations
  • Contract Administration
  • Variations and Change Order Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Procurement Support
  • Cost Control and Budgeting
  • Dispute Avoidance Strategies
  • Claims Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Forensic Evaluation

By offering these diverse services, Safe-Contracts plays a critical role in ensuring successful contract execution, risk mitigation, and fostering positive relationships among project stakeholders.

Claims Consulting & Dispute Resolution

In situations involving claims or disputes, each project is distinct, necessitating customized consulting services to ensure a cost-effective and efficient resolution. Whether collaborating with a construction attorney, surety, contractor, or owner, Safe-Contracts ensures a tailored approach aligned with your specific requirements. We prioritize communication and regularly keep you informed about progress and budget status. Our track record attests that we have always completed assignments within the agreed budget, and our commitment is to make your job smoother and more successful with our assistance.

Having an exceptional consultant on your team provides a significant advantage for achieving success. The Safe-Contracts construction claims group comprises a team of experts who have successfully resolved complex disputes worldwide. We are highly renowned for our expertise in various aspects of claim and dispute resolution, which include:

    • • Entitlement analysis and quantification
    • • Damage analysis and quantification
    • • Analysis of Design Errors and/or Omissions
    • • Document retrieval management system
    • • Labor productivity analysis
    • • Facilitated negotiations
    • • Expert Report Preparation
    • • Trial-ready graphics and demonstrative evidence
    • • Mediation/Arbitration/Litigation support

Beyond the aforementioned services, our team can assist you in crafting responses to technical interrogatories, analyzing depositions, determining essential facts to challenge opposing expert judgement, and delivering expert reports that establish the necessary cause-and-effect relationships. Our unmatched experience and technical proficiency in CPM scheduling enable us to efficiently address concurrency issues, effectively demonstrating each party's entitlement to damages.

The Safe-Contracts team possesses extensive experience in providing claims & dispute management through our highly qualified professional staff and a vast network of contacts within the construction industry. We carefully select experts (legal& technical) based on their individual qualifications and presentation skills to meet your legal needs.

CPM Scheduling & Delay Analysis

Time is a valuable resource, and any delays can directly affect profits. Whether you're a small contractor or a large owner/developer, our expert scheduling and claims analysis techniques seamlessly combine to maximize your chances of success and minimize your exposure when faced with unforeseen conditions.

At Safe-Contracts, you will collaborate with certified experts in scheduling and claims analysis, elevating the credibility of your project to unmatched levels. Our proficiency and efficiency make us the most cost-effective source of scheduling expertise in the industry today.

A well-developed schedule, when properly managed, reduces the likelihood of claims and provides a means for swift resolution if they do arise. Conversely, a poorly managed schedule can be like a ticking time bomb, potentially leading to major issues. By meticulously tracking time, resources, and costs, we can keep you well-informed about your project's progress and tackle change orders and delays before they become unmanageable.

We possess expertise in various construction scheduling software systems commonly used today, such as Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. Let Safe-Contracts assist you in ensuring that you have taken all necessary steps to safeguard your interests. Our services encompass:

  • Master Planning Strategy
  • CPM schedule development and/or review
  • Schedule monitoring and updating
  • Preparation of recovery schedules
  • Evaluation of schedule impacts
  • Preparation or review of time extension requests
  • Cash flow reporting

With Safe-Contracts on your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of scheduling and mitigate potential delays, allowing your project to progress smoothly and successfully.

Litigation Support

Safe-contracts works in collaboration with a world class legal team having great experience in resolving constructions disputes worldwide, weather the situation calls for mediation, arbitration or litigation, Safe-Contracts possesses the necessary expertise and utilizes cutting-edge technologies to construct a robust case. Skillful implementation of these services empowers us to produce expert reports and demonstrative presentations that present formidable challenges for opposing counsel to overcome. The Safe-Contracts team is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver such services promptly and within the agreed budget.

Our staff holds extensive experience in handling document retrieval and database management, having been involved in numerous disputes across the country, some involving hundreds of thousands of documents. Collaborating with attorneys, we offer mobile access to all case information, enabling the attorney/consultant team to work seamlessly from virtually any location, at any time. We can manage the entire process from start to finish, encompassing document identification, scanning, database setup and maintenance, issue coding, issue analysis, expert report preparation, and expert testimony. Our team has repeatedly delivered this service on projects of varying size and complexity, ensuring effective support throughout the dispute resolution process.

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